Tips & Tricks on Eating & Travel + Interview with EgerFitness


I remember the best meal I had abroad was a pasta in a walnut sauce and some pesto. That was while I was in Munich. We sat down at this restaurant called Wirthaus after a day of discovering new bands, shopping, seeing a devil’s foot. It was a great meal. It was small and fulfilling with some great conversation thrown in.

Food is a universal language. No matter where you live, what language you speak, food brings people together. People go to events for the promise of free food. When you travel the glory and magic of food don’t change. That’s why it’s important to try the local food in a place.

In Weimar, we were told to try the bratwurst in that specific region. It was white and if you put ketchup on it, it was a sin. In Rothenburg, we were told to try the strawberries because they were fresh, untouched by GMO’s and absolutely delicious. These are just a few examples.

When you travel there are things everyone always tells you about packing, hotels, and the airplane trip, things they tell you about sites to see and people to meet. Something that isn’t as in the limelight when it comes to travel: food. This is especially true in America. When I tell someone where I’m traveling I almost never get a suggestion about what foods to try. But food is one of the top ways to immerse yourself in a culture.

My friend Mitch is a fitness guru basically. He has a saying “you eat right, you feel right” this is usually accompanied by a picture of his Chipotle because I don’t think he eats anywhere else.  His saying definitely applies to eating while traveling. When I have traveled in the past we are walking up mountains, climbing hills, soaring through salt mines. None of those are activities I could have energy for without food.  I’ve collaborated with him on this post to help answer some questions around food, hydration while traveling.

  1. What is recommended for food intake while traveling? only all three meals or more than that? You can maintain however many meals you were eating before you started traveling. However, keep in mind sometimes it may be hard to find the time so snacking will probably be key (also you get to try all the cool little food shops that might be around)
  2. Hydration is key. But many other countries don’t have the flat water & the mineral water might upset some people’s stomach. What’s a good way to keep hydrated with limited options?  Yes, water is key, so making sure you’re hydrated is important. For the most part, you can always find some places that have bottle water. If you are having trouble finding water, don’t forget you also get water through the foods you eat. For example eating fruit will help keep you hydrated while you’re on the go.
  3. Have you traveled overseas before? What advice about food do you wish you had received before you went? Yes, I have been to a few countries in Europe. I would definitely say try everything that you find interesting because you never know if you might like it!
  4. How do you feel your saying “you eat right, you feel right” applies travel? I think that saying is very general but so true. If you focus on fueling your body well, you’ll be more energized and be able to get more accomplished throughout the day. That is massive when there are so many great places and things to see out there.
  5. On an overnight flight, they provide you with meals, usually, they aren’t the greatest. What in terms of food do you recommend having in your carry on as a backup?  I would always have some kind of energy bar (cliff bars, nature valley, and other protein bars). For their small size they pack a bunch of nutrients that you can eat to help you feel satisfied.

I want to thank Mitch from EgerFitness for helping me out with this post and I hope you all learned something from this post. You should definitely go check out Mitch’s website and his gear. I bought leggings from him and they are so soft 10/10 definitely recommend.


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