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Hi I’m Brittney Sutherin

Let me start by saying welcome! I am glad you’re here. This blog was started by me when I was 14.  For a long time, I didn’t have a niche. But I am starting a new adventure. I have found my niche now and I’m excited to start my journey into being a travel blogger. I have been passionate about travel for a long time. I love the feeling of knowing in a couple months or years, I will get to experience new cultures, people, foods. I’m glad you get to experience these things with me. Below are some of my favorite and popular posts from before my niche.

Two of my favorite posts are Refresh Your Skin With These 4 Reasons to Go Makeup-Free, and Summer Inspiration + Things To Do.

Two of my most popular posts are The Best Book I Read During the Summer & You Should Read it Too and Product Spotlight: Yamuna Body Rolling.

Here are some posts that follow my niche:

Two of my favorite travel posts are 5 Tips for How to Do Disney’s Magic Kingdom in a Day and Why Travel is Important for Young People + My Experiences 

Two of my most popular travel posts are 5 Ways to Spot An American Overseas  and Top 5 Places I’ve Travelled + 4 Fun Things To Do There

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